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Our Core Values

At Artemis we have 4 main core values along with our reputation as being a local South Wales Company committed to helping businesses and also Occupiers of residential properties of South Wales.



Quality Service

At Artemis our serivce is number 1 priority! not only do we want all our clients to achieve 5 stars, we also want all our customers to feel secure if a pest problem occurs. If you are struggling to remove a difficult stain, ifyou want peace of mind regarding a pest issue or just simply if you need us to show ID at your door to make sure we are who we say we are we will always try to help you.



Quick Response

Calling us for bedbugs in a bed, just seen a mouse running across the floor, wasps making your beer garden or BBQ party unbearable, ran out of antibacterial cleaner or just worried that a huge audit is on the way and you need advice, we are open24-7 for our customers….just pick up the phone!




Who wants a big van parked outside their restaurant or house saying pest control!!! Not one person I’m guessing, that’s why at Artemis we can’t believe other companies don’t follow our lead with plain white vans and unmarked uniforms! How damaging would it be at your business if we walked in with pest control written all over us? Just #CallArtemis



Very competitive Pricing

We aren’t a cheap company, we will not say “always beat the prices” “Cheapest deal in town” “save you over 10-50% off the quote” when it comes to your home or business do you really want cheap?? Did you spend your life building a business from scratch or making your home special just to say lets gets a cheap company in to sort a problem? Of course not! We aren’t the cheapest but we are defiantly affordable, we offer free site surveys at no obligation, why not call our experts to take a look? At the very least you will get all the advice you need and when we give you the price you may be surprised just how beneficial we are to you!

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