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Terms & Conditions


  • Privacy

  • All Credit and personal information gathered is for use by Artemis FMC only. Artemis FMC will not disclose or sell this information to any other company.


  • The Customer & Artemis FMC

  • THE CUSTOMER means the customer as specified at the top of the Service agreement.

  • Artemis Pest Control is a division of Artemis FMC..


  • Service Conditions and Client Responsibility

  • All bait stations, traps and other devices are property of Artemis FMC. These devices are not sold or leased to client unless specifically stated on the receipt/contract.

  • Customers will be made aware of, and shown the locations where pesticides have been applied and/or baits or traps have been placed.

  • Customers will be responsible for making sure that no human or domestic animal, that visits or resides in the property, will come into contact with or tampers with the pesticides or traps.

  • Customers are responsible for informing other residents or visitors of work carried out by Artemis FMC if necessary to avoid contact with, or disturbance of, pesticides / baits or traps.

  • To minimize pest incidence the Customer and Artemis FMC will work together in partnership. Unless stated otherwise theCustomer has the responsibility for carrying out further control or precautionary recommendations made by Artemis FMC.

  • The Customer will provide access for Artemis FMC representatives to carry out its services at any reasonable time.

  • The technician will report to the site on each visit and will leave a written report on the findings, treatments and recommendations made during the inspection. It is the customers responsibility to read these reports and take any recommended actions.

  • No service agreement/contract covers any building work or proofing work caused by or to prevent rodent activity. All building work is not covered under any contract. Separate quotation will be provided or will be passed onto professional builders to quote and undertake the work. 


  • Customers Rights.

  • Customers have the right to a courteous and informed service with all the options presented and explained.

  • Customers will get a detailed quote advising them of prices, what work will be carried out, what substances will be used and where in the property the work will be carried out.


  • Terminations.

  • Any contract or service agreement may be terminated by Artemis FMC at any time if the customer is in breach of any of their obligations under this contract/service agreement or (for a Company) goes into liquidation or (for a domestic customer) shall be declared bankrupt.

  • Any Contract or Service Agreement may be terminated by Artemis FMC at any time if payment to Artemis FMC by the customer is not made.

  • Customer has the right to terminate any contact or ongoing service agreement by giving one months notice in writing after the minimum 12 month period (12 month period starts from the start date on the service agreement) has been served. On the event of this at the end of the one months notice Artemis FMC will collect any chemicals, traps or rodent boxes or any equipment that is owned by Artemis FMC on site.

  • If a customer wishes to terminate a contract before the minimum 12 month period the customer will be liable to pay the full amount owed to Artemis FMC for the remainder of the 12 month agreement.


  • Liability

  • Nothing in this agreement affects the statutory rights of the consumer. Artemis FMC does not accept any liability for loss, damage death or injury to any human, domestic animals, livestock, birds, goods or equipment unless the loss, damage death or injury was caused by negligence of Artemis FMC. Notice of such loss, damage death or injury must be notified in writing to Artemis FMC within 7 (seven) days of occurrence.

  • Artemis FMC shall in no circumstances have any liability for any loss of profit, use or business interruption or other indirect, economic or consequential loss or damage.

  • Reports written by Artemis have been prepared for the sole use of the Client and for the intended purposes as stated in the agreement between the Client and Artemis under which this work was completed. The report may not be relied upon by any other party without the express written agreement of Artemis. This report is based on the information, which has been provided to us and from what we have gathered from site visits. Artemis cannot be held responsible to any errors or misguided information, we write these reports not to take sides with any one party and it is purely our opinion on any findings we document. Artemis accepts no liability for the content of each visit report, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided.

  • Artemis writes no reports which can be used upon in a court of law unless we are notified on this prior to site inspection so we can also enlist the help of 3rd party professionals who are specifically trained in this area, extra charges may occur for this.

  • Artemis window stickers do not certify or approve the premises are 100% clean, tidy or pest free at all times. They are not a guarantee that any food and drinks will meet any standard. Their purpose is to display that, in Artemis opinion, active steps are being taken in working towards a high level of health, hygiene, keeping the business pest free and, if a pest was to gain entry, that Artemis would be engaged to deal with it in the correct manner. Artemis FMC cannot accept any liability for any business displaying these stickers. 

  • Artemis FMC shall in no circumstances have any liability for any damage to property or stock cause by pests. 


  • Payment

  • For customers who do not have a signed 12 month service agreement or have not made full payment in advance or for any job work which is not covered under contract, or items bought from Artemis FMC the company operates a strict policy ofpayment by cheque or cash on works completion.

  • For customers who have a contract for servicing the site with Artemis FMC payment can either be done on a monthly direct debit basis or invoiced quarterly up front which payment must be made within 30 days of invoice date.

  • Any Payment which is late (passed 30 days or if it was agreed at time of signature a longer invoice period was agreed by both parties) could be passed onto a debt recovery company and further charges could be added.

For more information on any of the above please get in touch. T&C's made in line with British Pest Control Association guidance and guidelines. 

Artemis FMC Ltd Reg Office -134 Llanederyn Rd, Cardiff

VAT: 178 7906 48

Company Number: 8766965 | Registered in England and Wales

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