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Artemis Washrooms
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Customers judge a business on the conditions of their washrooms  

Artemis Washrooms can help keep your washrooms smelling fresh, clean and hopefully save you money against larger nationwide companies.

If you have Pest Control services with us you will also receive 25% off all washroom quotes!

Ladies Sanitary bin collections

Ladies Sanitary bins

At Artemis we can supply, service and provide all the paper work necessary to prove your waste has been taken care of correctly

We add fragrant sachets to each bin we service to keep them smelling fresh.

No hidden costs, no waste transfer note costs, no fuss, just a monthly service cost starting from £6.00 a month per bin

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners add a huge difference not only to washrooms but to lobbies, waiting rooms, hallways to name a few. With Artemis we provide over 50 different fragrances to keep the area smelling the way you would like it. From as little as £5.00 a month why not get in touch today for free quote and a smell test of all the fragrances we offer

Toilet air fresheners

If you own a bar and your toilet air fresheners smell of mint, do you think your Mojito sales will go up? .........something the power of smell can make you think about?

Soap Dispensers

soap dispensers
soap for public toilets

Soap in toilets can be a huge headache, is it always empty? Are they leaking soap all over the sinks? Are we forever pouring soap into the machine day after day?

For kitchen and hospital staff is this soap antibacterial?

Confused? Let Artemis solve this problem for you

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